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Come in for a tune-up on your Prosthesis or Brace. For $20.00 we will look over everything. Make sure it's all in working order. Check for any potential failures or replacements needed.

Upper Limb Prosthetics


Upper Extremity Prosthetics is one of our many specialties. We have been trained in the latest technologies that are on the market today. Among the newest products that have just come into the market is "Myoboy™". This has been developed through years of research and development. This training device is designed to help the Prosthetist find the best electrode sites and also to help the Occupational Therapist train the patients on how to use the myoelectric prosthesis.


Myoelectic prosthesis have been around for several years. The are very useful especially to bilateral below elbow amputees. The reason is that they can operate in ALL planes. A body powered prosthesis cannot operate behind the back or over the head very effectively. Myoelectric prosthesis can give much more mobility, pinch force, and cosmetics than body powered prosthesis. However, an amputee needs to be trained in using a body powered prosthesis before they receive a myoelectric prosthesis. That way if they need servicing or are performing tasks that are inappropriate for myoelectric prosthesis, they can still function independently.

The I-Limb hand is the newest state of the art hand on the market today. It is a big advancement over the older designed hands. The downfall is the weight is a bit more. The fingers do operate on closure seemingly independent.

The main drawback to myoelectric prosthesis is the sheer fact that they are unable to operate in water or around magnetic or electronic fields. The cosmetic/protective gloves are apt to stain. The rechargeable batteries will last only a given amount of time- usually about 5-7 days. They seem to be heavy to the user. They need servicing on a regular basis- usually at least every 6 months.

Powered Elbows

We have over 300 years of combines experience. Our Prosthetists are well trained and certified in the Dynamic Arm, Utah Arm System, Boston Elbow, and the many other elbows on the market today. We are also experienced in body powered elbows.





Body Powered Prosthesis

Body powered prosthesis have been in use for many hundreds of years. There is a Greek officer said to have had a body powered hand back in ancient times. This is the workhorse of upper extremity prosthesis. It is durable and can be used in all cases that the human hand can be used- water included. The drawback is the fact that it does not operate well in several planes of the body, it is lacking cosmetic appeal, the cables tend to break from time to time, and girls just simply aren't attracted to it. The hook is the most functional terminal device known. A well trained amputee can pick a dime off the table with little effort. That is almost impossible with a hand.

Shoulder Disarticulation/ Four Quarter Amputation

We are very experienced in fabricating functional Shoulder disarticulation type prosthesis. We even make shoulder caps for four quarter amputees that are non-wearers of prosthesis. These shoulder caps help to keep the shirts and coats fitting properly.

Cosmetic Restorations/ Replacement Fingers and Partial Hand Prosthesis





We are experienced in cosmetic restorations for lost fingers and partial hands. These can be made of several materials including silicone which lasts the longest and is also the most expensive. These restorations are as near a match as is humanly possible. We are very proud of this service. A cast is taken of both hands for a mirror image match. We also utilize pictures for the silicone restorations to enable us to match the skin tones. These are extremely expensive and usually the ONLY insurance that will pay for this is Workers Compensation Insurance. If you have been hurt at work and have Workers Compensation Insurance, have your case manager call our office for a FREE consultation.

Rehab/Prosthesis Financing

For patients that have to pay out-of-pocket, we have the ability to offer financing plans. This can ease the burden from immediate payments. This also helps to relieve sticker shock from the costs of health care. The application qualification process is FREE- NO CHARGE.

We have partnered with Care Credit Financing to offer financing for the total cost of Rehab including the Prosthesis. They offer special terms and various lengths of financing. The application process is relatively easy and we can find out within a few hours if you qualify. For exemplary credit, they can offer over $25,000.00 credit line payable up to 48 months with payments as low as $25.00 per month on minimal of $1,000.00 credit.

Care Credit Financing is one of a few companies that have gotten into the financing end of health care. They will pay our total bill and break it down into monthly payments with interest. Because we help subsidize this service by discounting our service to Care Credit Financing, we are unable to offer a 15% discount off our usual and customary prices. Another words, they have received a discount in order to offer you the financial structuring.

To receive an application to see if you qualify, send us an e-mail with “Credit application” in the subject box. You can mail or fax it to our office for quick verification.

To apply online go to: http://www.carecredit.com/patients/apply.htm

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M. Britt Spears CPO, FAAOP: American Board for Certification Certified Prosthetist Orthotist- Licensed in Arkansas and Tennessee also practicing in North Mississippi and Tennessee with over 30 years experience. C-Leg and Myo-electric arm certified, accustomed to utilizing high tech NASA engineered technologies.

Toll free: 866 763-6999

Products and Services:

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Lower Limb Prosthetics

Immediate post-operative fittings

Temporary prostheses

Ultra-light weight systems

Energy storing systems

Ultra cosmetic systems

Hydraulic components and innovative knee systems

Suction suspended systems

MAS (Marlo Anatomical Socket) socket design

Sports designed prostheses, including Endolite

CAD-CAM socket designs

Computer controlled Knee-foot C-Leg™

Below Knee Prosthetics





Sleeve suspension

Strap suspension

Various socket interfaces available

Above Knee Prosthetics



Various suspension systems including suction

Flexible socket systems


Upper Extremity Prosthetics

Cosmetic restorations

Mastectomy breast forms and related items

Conventional body powered systems

Myoelectric controlled systems

Myoboy™ computerized training device

Dynamic Arm computerized proportional controlled elbow/hand


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