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 12/17/2014 10:40 AM -0700

Welcome to our Outpatient Rehab Center


We have been seeing patients from far away for several years. Most case managers and workers compensation companies prefer to have all of the worries removed when dealing with an amputee. We usually are able to provide a total care package minus the transportation and housing. That means that the patient receives our undivided attention while being treated by our facility. The rehab element that the patient receives is usually much greater with our time tested procedures. The methods have greater potential results than thru a “Rehab Hospital” that have normally specialized in stroke and cardiac rehab. That provides a lowered result expectation for the patient. We encourage the patient to attain much higher goals than the "Rehab hospitals" usually provide.


This is what happens once the patient arrives at our facility.

  • Paper work is filled out including all HIPPA compliance forms
  • The patient has a complete medical history review
  • Prosthetic physical evaluation
  • The patient goes thru an interview of which:
  1. Family situations are discussed
  2. Career situations are discussed
  3. Lifestyle, hobbies, pastimes and other important factors
  4. Desire goals are discussed
  5. Realistic goals are discussed
  • Physical Therapy evaluation
  • Review of realistic goals with the Physical Therapist
  • Realistic goals create a schedule
  • Appropriate Prosthetic components are ordered


Usually on the first day, the patient receives exercises to take back to the hotel room. A Prosthetic measurement for the socket occurs. The patient is given a bunch of reading materials.


The second day the patient returns to Physical Therapy and has any questions answered and exercises in the presence of the Therapist. The patient returns to have a test socket fitting. A test socket is a custom made, clear plastic socket that allows the Prosthetist to see that the pressure tolerant areas and intolerant areas are accommodated and that the weight bearing areas are in appropriate locations. Once the Prosthetist is happy, we start making a definitive socket and assemble a Prosthesis.


After the patient receives the Prosthesis, they are given detailed gait training and comprehensive Physical Therapy. We are not concerned with how fast the patient walks, we are more interested in that they learn to walk correctly. Incorrect walking patterns cause limps and limps turn into habits and habits are hard to break. That’s why sometimes the patient can be at our facility for upwards of 2-6 weeks until there are no bad habits.

The true dollar savings adds up to about 50% compared to a "Rehab Hospital". This also works well for the patient in actually getting their life back. Many are able to go back to work performing the same tasks or at least a modified version that they were able to perform before. The patient is able to gain as much independence from family members as possible. Let us show you how to save and additional 15% off of our Usual and Customary charges. This can save an additional $6000.00 off of the Rehab/Prosthesis total cost.

For ease of transportation, we have opened a office  in Memphis, TN where we will do all of our rehab work in a state of the art modern facility. (901) 763-6999
Toll Free 866 763-6999



To our patients outside of the United States:
We are happy to assist you with scheduled appointments, however we cannot help you attain an entry VISA into the US. Once you attain a VISA and have flights booked, we will schedule a firm appointment. **PLEASE NOTE** There are other patients that we schedule in our limited time frame, so therefore we must have proof of a flight and a VISA before a firm schedule can be provided. Once the schedule has been set, that's YOUR TIME with us.

Rehab/Prosthesis Financing

For patients that have to pay out-of-pocket, we have the ability to offer financing plans. This can ease the burden from immediate payments. This also helps to relieve sticker shock from the costs of health care. The application qualification process is FREE- NO CHARGE.

We have partnered with Care Credit Financing to offer financing for the total cost of Rehab including the Prosthesis. They offer special terms and various lengths of financing. The application process is relatively easy and we can find out within a few hours if you qualify. For exemplary credit, they can offer over $25,000.00 credit line payable up to 48 months with payments as low as $25.00 per month on minimal of $1,000.00 credit.

Care Credit Financing is one of a few companies that have gotten into the financing end of health care. They will pay our total bill and break it down into monthly payments with interest. Because we help subsidize this service by discounting our service to Care Credit Financing, we are unable to offer a 15% discount off our usual and customary prices. Another words, they have received a discount in order to offer you the financial structuring.

To apply online go to: http://www.carecredit.com/patients/apply.htm

Spears Prosthetics and Orthotics / Rehab Services
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Memphis, TN. 38122

See what our peers think about our knowledge and skills:

·        Guest lecturer at University of Tennessee Physical Therapy Department-teaching Prosthetics and Orthotics

·    Guest lecturer at University of Tennessee Occupational Therapy Department-teaching Prosthetics and Orthotics

·    Guest lecturer at University of Tennessee Medical School Department-teaching Prosthetics and Orthotics to the Orthopedic Residents

·    Guest lecturer at Southwest Tennessee State Physical Therapy Assistant Program-teaching Prosthetics and Orthotics

·    Guest lecturer at Cambell’s Clinic teaching Prosthetics and Orthotics to the Orthopedic Residents/Fellows

  • Moderator Yahoo Groups- Prosthetic C-Leg
  • Moderator Yahoo Groups- Limb Amputee
  • Moderator Yahoo Groups- Upper Limb Amputee
  • Moderator- www.LegAmputee.com

We are members of the following organizations:

  •  American Board of Certification in Prosthetics and Orthotics
  •  American Academy of Prosthetist and Orthotist
  •  American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association
  •  Amputee Coalition of America
  •  Tennessee Prosthetic and Orthotic Association
  •  Orthotic Prosthetic Group of America
  •  Point

To find out if this is an ideal situation for you or your patient, call our office for a FREE telephone conference.


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