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Come in for a tune-up on your Prosthesis or Brace. For $20.00 we will look over everything. Make sure it's all in working order. Check for any potential failures or replacements needed.

Spinal Orthotics

We are the manufacturer of LSO & TLSO braces-Medicare approved. They are ALWAYS IN STOCK!!

These are used for the following : Reduce pain by restricting mobility of the trunk. Facilitate healing following an injury to the spine or soft tissues. Facilitate healing following a surgical procedure on the spine or related tissues. Otherwise support weak spinal muscles and or deformed spine. Used to immobilize specific areas of the spine.

We have a vast amount of private insurance contracts including Cigna, Windsor, HealthSpring and many more. We have contracts with and can provide fast inpatient services with the following hospital systems:

Baptist Memorial Hospitals: Memphis, Collierville, Desoto, Oxford; Methodist Healthcare Systems: University, Germantown, North and South; St. Francis Hospitals: Memphis, Bartlett; All Children's Hospitals in the Memphis area; HealthSouth: North and Memphis

We have specialized local fitting teams that can easily fit your patients in the hospital, your office or our office. Special rules apply to insure insurance coverage. these must be deemed medically necessary. Therefore if they are for post-surgical usage, we can only provide these after the surgery has taken place. If prior authorization is required, we recommend that the approval process starts prior to the surgical date. We are always happy to pre-fit on the patient which not only insures the best fit, but will allow us to further educate that patient on proper donning and doffing of the brace. But we will not be allowed to provide the service (deliver)until the medical necessity has been met.







We are experienced in all types of Spinal Orthosis from Corsets to Scoliosis Orthosis.

Scoliosis Bracing. We are well trained in Scoliosis management. We have many years of practice.  We require a copy of the current X-rays before we can provide any Boston™ style scoliosis braces.




Lower Extremity Orthotics

We fabricate literally hundreds of lower extremity Orthosis per year. Utilizing space aged materials and modern techniques, we have helped several hundred patients per year return to as near normal of lives as can be expected. We fabricate and fit orthosis as the physician ordered. We only fabricate from prescription.

Carbon Fiber AFO's are very light weight and can treat many conditions. They are not for diabetics. Orthosis are ordered for several specific diagnosis. They work by actually restricting motion and in some cases restoring motion thus replacing inactive muscle groups. We do not guarantee that the Orthosis that the physician has ordered will give a favorable outcome as we all hope it will perform. We are merely the Pharmacy that fills the prescription as ordered. Due to reimbursement, we do not provide multi-podius boots. 

Specialty Orthosis

We provide several specialty Orthosis that many other facility's personnel are unable to provide including the Arizona brace.

Custom Sports Knee BracescheerleaderAir

We offer custom sports knee braces taken sometimes by a plaster cast of the patient's effected knee, sometimes by other forms of measurement. This can get the athlete back into the game with a short period of recovery. These braces have been approved by the NCAA when used with a protective cover- we can supply.  ACL, PCL and post arthroscopic surgery patients can benefit from this custom knee brace.


Custom Arthritis Knee Braces

We provide custom arthritis knee braces. These unload either the medial or lateral knee compartments. This reduces the pain caused by the mis-alignment of the knee joint caused by arthritis.


Children's AFO's

After spending many years working with the children of St. Jude Children's Hospital, we have found many types of AFO's that can help many different problems. Among those options is the DAFO. We are well trained in measuring and fitting DAFO's. These are helpful for a variety of problems including Cerebral Palsy, equinovarus and many other conditions. These come in a variety of different colors and strap designs.

We have an on-site pediatric room


SWASH Brace™

Among the many hip braces available is the SWASH Brace™ by Camp. We are certified for the SWASH Brace and can provide this for your child. We are the ONLY facility within a 45 mile radius that is qualified to provide this specific brace.




KAFO and HKAFO Orthosis are much more difficult to fabricate and fitting is as precise as in AFO Orthosis. Ever though the diagnosis may be different, sometimes  the Orthosis may be fabricated very similar. The knee joint is controlled to either replicate the quadriceps, hamstrings, or to control ligament damage. Below are some examples. Because of reimbursement, we do not provide Hip Abduction Orthosis.


Toll free: 866 763-6999

M. Britt Spears CPO,FAAOP and his daughter Shannon N. Spears LO; Certified Mastectomy Fitter, Pedorthist, Orthotist.




We are a Family oriented business to gladly serve the needs of people that desire a pain-free independent lifestyle.



Products and Services:

Not a complete list:


Lower Extremity Orthotics

Ankle supports

Conventional and thermoplastic ankle-foot orthosis (AFO)

Knee orthoses-standard and sport design

Patella tendon bearing orthosis (PTB)

Tibial fracture orthoses

Hip Abduction Braces Billed to the hospital or private insurance only

Knee-foot-ankle orthoses (KAFO)-conventional, thermoplastic and carbon graphite design

Femoral fracture orthosis

Reciprocating gait orthoses (RGO)

Compression Garments, total contact casts for wound care

Spinal Orthotics

Scoliosis systems

Corsets- prefabricated or custom

Rigid metal orthoses

Hyperextension orthoses

Custom designed thermoplastic body jackets

Custom fitted thermoplastic body jackets

Custom fabricated orthoses for Schermann’s kyphosis


Custom molded shoes

Shoe modifications and repairs

Diabetic and arthritic supports

Orthotic supports for running and walking

Custom molded foot inlays and supports

Cervical Orthotics

Soft and rigid cervical collars

Four-poster and SOMI style cervical orthoses

Upper Extremity Orthotics

Wrist immobilizers and cock-up splints

Radial and ulnar fracture orthoses

Humeral fracture orthoses

Shoulder abduction orthoses


Key Benefits

  • Experienced ABC Orthotist
  • Ability to provide specialty Orthosis
  • Use of Space aged components


Toll Free: 866-763-6999