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Local patients that would like to shop for shoes online are welcome to come into our office for a complimentary foot evaluation and measurement.




We offer foot pressure mapping to visually display potential problem areas.



Diabetic foot wear and insoles

Diabetic foot wear is partially covered-80% by Medicare and many insurances. You are responsible for the additional 20%. If you are an amputee and wear a prosthesis, you will be responsible for payment on that shoe only. Bilateral amputees cannot receive diabetic shoes or insoles. There are several steps involved in providing diabetic foot wear and insoles. Your Physician that takes care of you diabetes must provide a thorough foot exam. Before you are qualified to receive diabetic foot wear and insoles, your Physician must specify in their progress notes that you have the following:

  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • History of partial or complete amputation of the foot
  • History of previous foot ulceration
  • History of pre-ulcerative callus
  • Foot deformity
  • Poor circulation

Once the above items have been delineated and noted, the Physician then must write an Rx for diabetic shoes and insoles. Bring the Rx with the Physician notes to our office. We can then provide a detailed examination. Heat moldable insoles are usually all that are needed, however if needed we can measure for custom insoles. You can select the shoes and style of choice. Always make a secondary choice in case of back order. We will send off a detailed Rx back to your Physician for review. After we receive the final Rx, we will order your shoes. Once the shoes arrive, we will have you come in for fitting and delivery. This usually take up to 3 weeks.

Because there are so many difficult anomalies of foot problems, a simple arch support usually does not solve the problem. Arch supports must be sold by the pair to prevent any height problems between the two feet that will cause back pain. Opened toe shoes and high heel shoes are not acceptable for any arch supports. Sometimes people will need a half size larger shoe to accommodate their inserts. When you receive the new supports, there is a break in period. Generally you will start wearing the inserts only 1 hour the first day and incrementally build up tolerance from there by adding one hour additionally each day until the tenth day when you will have worn them for 10 hours.

Custom Arch Supports are for the special problems that occur with feet.