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 12/17/2014 10:40 AM -0700

Pediatric Lower Extremity Orthotics

Approval process takes some time depending on the insurance situation. We have to confirm coverage prior to authorizing fabrication and delivery. In very few instances, that can be several weeks.

Pediatric AFO vs. AF-Faux Our technical team has the ability to create many comparable pediatric AFOs. The main and ONLY difference between the 2 styles is the amount of time involved between measurement and receiving items. After the approval process, it usually takes upwards of 3 weeks (1 week ground shipping to, 1 week fabrication, 1 week ground shipping back) to receive items from the west coast. By utilizing our in-house fabrication, we can shorten the time frame by at least 2 weeks. If they need to be adjusted or re-made, we have the ability to provide that in a very short time-usually 2 days. The other difference is the different straps utilized. The straps on a AFaux have fewer selections and are still located unseen inside the shoe.

All of our Orthotist have been trained fully in Pediatric Orthotics. We attend many clinics weekly throughout the year. We have a room dedicated to  serving our Pediatric clientele. All of our staff are accredited by Casacde DAFO, SureStep, Swash plus many others and are very familiar with their products. For quicker service, we offer the Spears line of Pediatric AFaux Orthoses-1 week delivery. With our custom straps and decals we can have the child receiving their valuable therapy up to 6X faster. This reduces the wait time involved with shipping and receiving the items from the west coast (4-6 weeks).  

If you would like for one of our Orthotist to attend a Pediatric Clinic in TN, AR, MS or see any of your patients, please call: (901) 763-6999