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 12/17/2014 10:40 AM -0700

Patient Testimonials:

My brother is mentally challenged and lost his leg to diabetes. When he lost his leg, his doctor told us that he wouldn't need a prosthesis and to just set him in a wheelchair. He lives with us, my husband and family-we take care of him. I just could not see an amputation preventing him from walking. I finally took him to our family doctor. She told me that it was questionable if he could use a prosthesis. She referred us to Spears Prosthetics. They talked with us, answered many concerns I had. They gave us some written information about prosthetic care that detailed where we were in the process. They detailed what precautions we would face and the reality of how things could go badly. They told us as the caregiver, we need to make up our minds if this was going to be the commitment we were willing to make. They made him a prosthetic leg, he had a follow-up appointment every week for almost 2 months to make sure everything was going well-FREE. Thank the Lord they did as it became apparent that we really didn't understand the amount of commitment it took to be successful. He was taught how to walk properly. They just really took his mind off the whole event and he went back to his natural walk. I really appreciate what they do and I refer every amputee I see to that company. They really do care!!!

Nancy G.

I've been to all of the prosthestic shops in town. I've been unemployed for over 2 years without any insurance. My prosthesis is broken and that's keeping me from being able to find work. No company in town would help me. I came into Spears Prosthetics to try to beg for help and maybe set-up a payment plan or something, even maybe trade out some work. They had me fill out paper work and took me into a private room. They talked to me and examined my leg. They treated me like a human being with dignity. The owner came in and looked over the situation. He took over my care. He took a cast of my leg and had me come back the next day for a fitting. 2 days later he had a complete leg for me. We worked on it and it is very comfortable the most comfortable I've ever had in 16 years as an amputee. He told me that everything was on the house at no charge. He told me that I don't owe anything. Just to repay the favor to someone else in need. I'm now cutting yards for some money until I get a real job. I'm not depending on anyone for help. This is from my heart-Thank you Spears Prosthetics!!! Everyone needs to use them for their prosthesis!!
Robert N.

I had the best experience with this company. I've worked with 2 other providers in the past. My insurance changed to Cigna and Spears was in-network. They looked at what I needed and exceeded my expectations. They even told me exactly to the penny what my out of pocket expenses were. I LOVE my new prosthesis. I would highly recommend them over the others by far.
Walter K.

My father is in a nursing home in Memphis. He was admitted directly from the hospital due to emergency amputation of his remaining leg. The family "thought this is it." He's pretty much never coming back. I received a call from the therapist in the home asking if we would consent to trying artificial legs on Dad. As a family we were concerned with the what if they didn't work. How would that effect his mental state. We were assured by the staff that it would be OK. Dad would call me and tell me that they were making the legs-then they were working with the legs and how well he was doing. I thought that I'd make a surprise visit just to give encouragement as he's never had any artificial limbs. I peeped into the therapy room and was God-Smacked as Dad was actually walking with a walker. We cried in joy and disbelief. There my Dad was walking again. We should have known the old Army guy wouldn't use the word couldn't. Spears Prosthetics gave my Dad back his mobility and independence as he's now back at his own home. I'm in awe of that company.

Thank you Spears!!

Trish Y.(Memphis)

14 years ago, I was involved in a major motorcycle accident. My left foot was totally crushed and my knee was shattered. After trying to save my leg for a year and a half, we ( the Doctors and myself ) decided to amputate-enough is enough. The Doctor decided on a below knee amputation. She thought she could save my knee and that would allow me to be more functional than with an above knee amputation. I was very skeptical seeing how I had a lot of straps, screws and other metal things inside and around my knee joint. You could literally see all of the hardware and stuff outlined thru the skin. It looked like she put me back together like a jigsaw puzzle. She did a great job saving my knee.

The surgery was done and about half of the pain went with it. I could now tolerate it without drugs. My knee was still a mess though, I could only bend it about 20. I went to my first meeting with a Prosthetist in my area ( So. California ) and he assured me that I'd be walking very soon. Months went by, and he finally made me a permanent prosthesis. I could walk on it. It did hurt  especially when I would go from the heel to the toe. It felt as if my knee was going to come apart. I've had dozens of prosthesis made 9 different Prosthetist and still the same problem. I figured that this was something I'd have to learn to live with. I

I met with a new Orthopedic Surgeon in my new city- Chicago. I asked him about getting a revision and becoming an above knee amputee.  I explained all of the problems that I was having a had a lot of test, x-rays, MRI, CAT scan and EMG. He concluded that I was a candidate for that surgery. I was very happy to finally be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I had the pint of blood drawn before my surgery and was waiting for the surgery to be scheduled. My Doctor telephoned and gave me the phone number to one of his patients. He told me that he had a patient come in that had very similar circumstances with all that has happened to him as well. I call the guy-exact same story. The guy was happy now with his below knee amputation. Albeit he still has some residual pains, but he said that he could now walk comfortably in his prosthesis. He said that he was in Dallas and a Doctor told him about Spears P & O that he had met the owner while doing his Orthopedic residency in Memphis at Cambell's Clinic Orthopedics. He said that it's like he's gotten his life back-after 16 years.

He gave me their number and I called. That was the best call I've ever made. They evaluated my condition. Examined the x-rays, and had me in a new prosthesis designed from the ground up. I can still feel some internal pains-especially when it's about to rain, but I now walk pain free from the time my heel hits the ground to the time my toe is picked up. My wife says that she cannot tell which leg is off by the way I walk. I still only have 20's of bend to my knee!! This guy's the best. I'd follow him to South America to have a leg made-the best!! They even accepted my Medicare.

Donnie V. (Chicago, IL.)

I was a happy, fairly active 50 year old without a worry in this world or at least, that's what I thought, until February 4, 2004.  I had gotten up from the couch to change a tv channel and when I turned to return to the couch, I heard a loud snap.  Having been an EMT in the Oklahoma City Bombing,  I knew immediately I had broken my ankle.  I sat down, untied my tennis shoe, removed it and my sock and called for an ambulance.  I scooted to the phone and to the front door to unlock it for the ambulance personnel.  Upon arrival at the hospital I was x-rayed and sent to orthopedic surgery.  I came out of surgery fine, and expected no negative consequences as I have always been in good health.  I am a diabetic, but keep things in line as far as what to and what not to eat, etc.  I always have gotten good reports on my A1c tests and had no cholesterol problems.  I was told to bear no weight on my left leg for 6 weeks.  Two weeks after my injury I was sitting in the middle of my bed, as that is where I had to literally live, when I felt something poking me and looked down at my ankle and on the inside of my ankle there were 2 screws coming out the skin.  I immediately went into panic mode as I knew this was definitely not right and I phoned my mother who came and as I hopped out on my walker she took me to the doctor's office.  I was taken back to an examine room and told the nurse when I noticed this and how.  When the doctor came in he begin hollering at me and accused me of walking on my leg to the point I  was in tears. That should have been my instant red flag!  Still stunned and upset another surgery was done with the first hardware taken out a plate and four screws inserted into my leg and a would from where the screws came through my skin that had a staph infection in it that eventually went to my bone.  After several months of recuperating I had finally been given the green flag on everything and could finally walk again.  This was in July of 04.  I was at my mom's house one day and stood up from her recliner to go home and heard a snap and immediately felt something wrong in my left leg.  My mom took me to the emergency room and the orthopedic was called and I was sent back to surgery yet again.  I came out this time with all the hardware removed and a large gaping hole in the outside of my ankle.  My sister was with me and my best friend.  My sister told me the doctor said he would be in to see and talk to me that evening,  She had to leave as she had to take my mom to be admitted to another hospital for back problems.   She had called my father in MI who was on the way to tend to me.  My father arrived on Saturday afternoon and asked me when the doctor was coming around.  I told my father I did not know as he was supposed to have came in the night before but never shown up.  Finally by Sunday afternoon my father had the head nurse page the doctor as I had not seen or heard from him since he was doing the surgery on me Friday morning.  Finally late Sunday evening he came into my room and said, "Sorry, I forgot you were here."  Needless to say, this did not sit well with me or my father.  Then the doctor took one look at my leg and stated.  "I cannot do anything else.  This leg is going to have to come off!"   I almost passed out from the sentence he had uttered.  My father took me out of that hospital and into an appointment with a well-known orthopedic surgeon in my area for further evaluation and treatment.  As for me,  I was literally like a zombie, not believing what I was hearing.  All I could think was, "You do not break an ankle and come out with no leg!"  I heard that phrase over and over and over in my head for the next two years.  The second doctor I saw tried everything in his power to save my leg, but it was just too late.  I, on the other hand, was still just stunned.  I couldn't get past that one sentence that kept replaying over and over in my mind.  So, I walked on my tibia for two years in pain, but not caring as long as my leg was there.  At night when I would take off my shoes and socks my left foot just flailed wildly to the side of my leg like a flipper.  One day in late August of 2006 I finally just picked up the telephone and called my doctor.  All I said was, :Okay, I have had enough.  I want it off!"  I had my amputation done on September 13, 2006.  Since that day I have tried to never look back.  There is nothing I can't do!  I have danced, painted a ceiling on a ladder, hung curtains.  Can't is not in my vocabulary!  I take and cherish each moment in time I am given and I have the absolute best prosthesis in this world!  No one even knows I have a prosthesis.  My motto now is,"What don't kill you can only make you stronger!"  I have a better life now than I have ever had.  There has never been so far, nothing that Spears P. and O. can't do for me, and believe me, I know I have tested poor Earl.  They understand and are willing to do what it takes to make my life the very best it can be.  This of course, is not accomplished without alot of heavy emphasis from me.  I take each and every day as a blessing and am so thankful to have the best team in the world behind me.  Life does not end with the loss of a limb.  It is merely the beginning of a new and happy journey.  Who knows,  I may can even fly before I die!

Janice (Kentucky)

I have been using artificial leg for last 16 years. This is first time I am trying microprocessor controlled prosthetic leg with Plie knee from Spears Prosthetic. This is possible only through counseling and hospitality shown by Spears Prosthetic staff. This is the first time I am trying with Spears Prosthetic and I am quiet impressed by the environment, behavior, product and support provided here. The staff was committed to giving an excellent service and I think It is the "Ideal Centre" for prosthetic related services. They not only built a really good leg but they taught me how to walk with new leg. I am now walking better than ever since my accident. They were always available to me. I must thank them for doing a excellent job. I also want to thank Rachel and Earl for the help they provided. Thank you Spears Prosthetics, I will remember you always.

Satish K. (India)

The very best experience: I have had a prosthesis made by 3 different companies here in Memphis. All 3 worked OK. I went to Spears and worked with the owner. We together created a totally new prosthesis that is comfortable and extremely light weight. I've never walked this good with a prosthesis before. I'm tickled pink with my new leg. I have the newest technology. I strongly recommend them!!

          Billy A.