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Hospital/Nursing Home Services

Watch our Prosthetic Video Series by clicking the link in the upper right. This is a great source of information.


We provide in-surgery rigid dressings while the patient is still under anesthesia. We will change the dressing within 5 days and provide another rigid dressing to be changed in 5 days. This will speed up the healing process up to 33% and prevent contractures enabling early ambulation thru use of a temporary/preparatory prosthesis. This gives the most bang for the buck to the patient's insurance and rehab dollars. We also have addressed a need by offering Professional ACE bandage "figure 8" wrapping of lower limb in-patient amputees in hospitals or nursing homes. Call to schedule our services.
For "figure 8" ACE wrapping, please have the following items at bedside: 1 roll Kerlix, 1 roll paper tape, and 4 rolls of 4" ACE bandages.


For hospitals and nursing homes, we offer expert evaluations of patients with the Physical Therapist. Together we can formulate a plan. We have test AFO's that our practitioners are able to bring for evaluation. This is one of the services that makes us an Evidence Based Practice.

We also manufacture our own in-house TLSO and LSO spinal Orthosis. With expert fitting, we have in-stock dozens of XSm-XXXLg sizes which insures the fastest delivery. These spinal Orthosis are Medicare and private insurance approved.

Being a large privately owned provider in the Mid-South, we have contracts with many local hospitals to provide in-patient services.

  • Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis
  • Baptist Memorial Hospital-Collierville
  • Baptist Memorial Hospital-Desoto
  • Baptist Memorial Hospital Rehab on Exeter-Germantown
  • Memphis area Children's Hospitals and clinics
  • Methodist Hospital Systems-Midtown
  • Methodist Hospital Systems-Germantown
  • Methodist Hospital Systems-North
  • Methodist Hospital Systems-South
  • St. Francis Hospital-Memphis
  • St. Francis Hospital-Bartlett
  • Veterans Administration Hospital-Memphis

When a Medicare or Medicaid patient is an in-patient in the hospital, the hospital must be charged for any items delivered. This is the law with only one exception. If that patient is discharged home the day of service. If they are discharged to another facility, the place of delivery must be charged. there are not exceptions to that rule. the hospitals are paid thru their DRG prospective payment for those services under the admission rules set aside by Medicare/Medicaid.

Nursing Home Services

We cover hundreds of miles every month visiting Nursing Home patients. We partner with the Physical Therapy Department of each facility. By partnering, we are able to accomplish many things.

  • Reliable service with adjustable scheduling-we can be at the facility every week or bi-monthly on a set schedule
  • Increased independence for the patient
  • Thru adding mobility to the patient, we actually increase the lifespan of the patient
  • Reduction in bedsores and bladder/lung infections
  • Increased control of diabetes thru higher activities
  • Adding additional patients to the Physical Therapy roster by allowing gait training
  • Protective services- eg. diabetic shoes and insoles, contracture management, plus many others

When a Medicare/Medicaid patient is in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF), we are allowed to provide Prosthetic services ONLY. We are NOT allowed to provide any Orthotic services until they are in a part B bed unless the facility agrees payment. The Prosthetic services that are not covered under a part A bed include, stump socks/shrinkers or any suspension items such as belts or knee sleeves.

If you are with a Nursing Facility or have family as an in-patient in a Nursing Facility and want to discuss our patient care, please call and we will be more than happy to offer our services.

(901) 763-6999 Memphis
 866 763-6999 toll free